#FutureWise: A Compilation of a Book Study and Twitter Chat

Throughout the Spring semester, Brett Jacobsen (@jbrettjacobsen) led a schoolwide book study on David Perkins’ FutureWise: Educating Our Children for a Changing World (2014). Over 40 faculty and staff members signed up to attend the four two-hour sessions after school. How impressive to work and play in a culture where learning takes center stage at all times!

To try something new (and also to participate in a Middle School badging initiative), I moderated a Twitter Chat for each of the four sessions and then archived the chats on Storify. Attendance was low to non-existent, though I did have one faculty member participate in the first session due to being home to take care of an ill child. A few other colleagues who were in the book club shared and popped in occasionally, and a small number of Twitter followers liked the Tweets and retweeted them as well.

Though the Twitter Chat wasn’t successful from a numbers perspective, I still think it was an important exercise to make our learning visible as a learning community and to celebrate the thinking and questions my colleagues generated together. I wonder if anyone else might try this idea of a combined book club/Twitter chat. I wonder if it could be more powerful by partnering with another school to each have a book club on the same book simultaneously and use a Twitter chat as a vehicle to share our learning and build on each other’s thoughts and questions.

Here are the Storify streams for the book club:

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4



PS- I appreciate my colleague Chip Houston (@ChipHouston1976) challenging all of us to participate in a blogging challenge, where we are to post a blog every day for two weeks. I hope it helps me get back in the habit of blogging!


2 thoughts on “#FutureWise: A Compilation of a Book Study and Twitter Chat

  1. What does not kill us or break us down will make us stronger! Right? While I cannot imagine blogging that much during the school year I may be able to find the creative juice for a while in the summer ! Good luck

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