Inspired: Star Wars and Mindsets

I was inspired by my colleague Chip Houston when I read his post today. He is a Star Wars fanatic, as am I, and he connected the Mount Vernon mindsets to the characters in the early movies.

I wonder why Innovator was left out. That can be a tricky one, and some confuse it with Creative Thinker. The Creative Thinker suspends judgment, challenges assumptions, imagines and adapts as new challenges arise.  Han Solo is a perfect fit, as are others. But the Innovator builds resilience by taking risks, exploring and experimenting in changing times, and creating unique ideas which add value. I immediately think of Padmé Amidala. She was the consummate risk taker and tried very different things through her “queenship” and term as Senator.

But, truly, when I think of the Mount Vernon Mind, the character that comes most to my mind is Yoda.  Perhaps a synonym for the Mount Vernon Mind should be Master Jedi!


One thought on “Inspired: Star Wars and Mindsets

  1. I love your post – thanks for sharing the enthusiasm for Star Wars! I spent about on hour on the post and ran out of time. The babysitter arrived before I could finish. Today, I’m going back to finish up the 7th mindset. And interestingly, our choices are not too far off…

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