A Blogging Reflection

On this last day of the blogger challenge, I am both happy and sad, both rejuvenated and tired. Perhaps I should include that I am also coming off of a major high from serving as a coach for fuse16 (blog post to come). What an amazing ten days for blogging and three days for fusing!

The biggest thing I have gained from this challenge, you might ask? I hope that I have strengthened my involuntary muscle memory by forming a habit of blogging (reminds me of a fabulous book called The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg- a must read!).  I will continue to reflect on this and how I might look beyond the constraint of busy-ness to blog more regularly.

Another thing I learned and practiced was writing shorter blog posts. This should help me blog more frequently, but I will not give up the “long blog” that allows me to share/formulate thoughts and document research or readings.

Would I do a challenge like this again? You bet! I encourage you and your team to do the same. I wonder what our next team challenge will be…


2 thoughts on “A Blogging Reflection

  1. I’ve read all of your post in the 10-day, Blogger Challenge, Dr. K, and I really like the addition of your “short-form” posts, and I love how you ended most with questions for your readers to consider. The context and content was just enough to get me into your mind world, and your questions helped me transfer to my mind world. Thanks for writing to this habit! And thanks for being such an integral part of fuse16!

    • Bo,
      Thank you! I so appreciate my colleagues pushing me. To Chip, cheers for the challenge! And to you, you serve as an inspiration for making your thinking visible always!

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